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We have a full program of walks. Something suitable for everyone.
More information about our walks
Car Parking - All walks have been planned to begin near car parks or convenient roadside parking.  However, as our walks have become more popular, parking becomes more difficult.  To avoid this, car-sharing is encouraged.  Walk East Norfolk assume no liability for car parking which remains the responsibility of the driver.

Clothing - Fair or foul weather the walks, usually, go ahead!  Please wear clothing which will keep you warm and dry,  Wear footwear that will keep your feet dry in wet conditions and will also prevent you from slipping and sliding.  It's simply a matter of watching the weather and using common sense.

To Obtain our current walk programmes please
follow the links below:

Click the link to download a small PDF document.  This is an A4 document you can print at home in black and white thus avoiding the waste of colour inks and thereby saving you money!

On our page headed "The 'Business'" you will find a button endorsed with 'Risk assessments'  which, when clicked, will link to an A4 document showing all  risk assessments which may be appropriate to our walks.  


May, 2019
June, 2019

For the fun of knowing how many miles you have walked during the year from 1st May to 30th April with Walk East Norfolk

Pedometer 2017/18
Pedometer 2018/19
For interest I can provide you with some statistical information for the year 2018/19

The total miles walked by the group was 7874.1
The average miles per walk per member was 2.88 miles
The average number attending each walk was 18.13 members


As at May, 2017

Janice Barwick, Jane Bekker, David Gibson-Brown, Frank Horner,             Francis Kinge, Beryl Leck, Peter Leck, Kath Plane,                    Brian Smethurst, Jerry Walker, Melita Walker, David Watson, Lynn Watson, Glenda Wells and Tim Wyles        
If you wish to become a Walk Leader please contact the Chairman, Jerry Walker or the General Secretary, Frank Horner